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Looking for the best hunting in Texas? Look no further than Squaw Mountain Ranch.

We've got what you want at SMR. Over 200" Whitetail, huge Axis Deer, Bison, Red Stag, & more.

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Get the trophy Whitetail or exotic game you're looking for at Squaw Mountain Ranch. Call 469-766-3868

Whitetail Hunts

It doesn't get much better than hunting the huge Whitetail Deer at Squaw Mountain Ranch.Our goal is to have more 200"+ Whitetail Deer shot than anyone.

Exotic Hunts

Looking for the best in exotic hunts in Texas? We've got you covered with Axis Deer, White Buffalo, Elk, Gazelle, & more. We've got you covered.

About Us

Learn about our ranch, our staff, and our story. See why we're the top Whitetail deer and exotic hunting ranch in Texas.

Contact Us

Ready to experience the best hunting in Texas? We've got you covered. Just call 469-766-3868 or click below and fill out our contact form.

Our Hunts

- Whitetail Deer Hunts
- Exotic Hunts
- Addax Hunts
- Aoudad Ram Hunts
- Axis Deer Hunts
- Elk HuntsBlackbuck Antelope Hunts
- arrow orangeBlack Hawaiian Hunts
- arrow orangeBlesbok Hunts
- arrow orangeBongo Hunts
- arrow orangeBuffalo Hunts
- Wildebeest HuntsWhite Buffalo Hunts
- Elk HuntsCatalina Goat Hunts
- arrow orangeCorsican Ram Hunts
- Elk HuntsEland Hunts
- Elk HuntsElk Hunts
- FallowDeerFallow Deer Hunts
- Four Horn Sheep Hunts
- Gazelle Hunts
- Gemsbok Hunts
- Himalayan Tahr Hunts
- Hybrid Ibex Hunts
- Impala Hunts
- Elk HuntsKudu Hunts
- FallowDeerMarkhor Hunts
- Mouflon Ram Hunts
- Nubian Ibex Hunts
- arrow orangeNyala Hunts
- Red Lechwe Hunts
- Red Stag Hunts
- arrow orangeSable Hunts
- arrow orangeScimitar Oryx Hunts
- Elk HuntsSpanish Goat Hunts
- FallowDeerSpringbok Hunts
- arrow orangeTexas Dall Ram Hunts
- Wildebeest HuntsTranscaspian Urial Hunts
- ZebraWildebeest Hunts
- ZebraZebra Hunts
- Dove Hunts
- Hog Hunts
- Turkey Hunts
- Upland Hunts
- Varmint Hunts
- Requested Hunts

Give us a call at 469-766-3868 or fill out our form. Will get back with you as soon as possible.

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